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Meet The team

Who we are

The ACLP Executive Board and Leadership Team help propel ACLP’s mission, leading us closer to our vision. 

Executive board


Aminata Sy


Aminata Sy is the founder of African Community Learning Program (ACLP) and served as the organization’s president from summer 2017 to spring 2021, leading all of its efforts. She is also the founder and CEO of Aminata Sy Enterprises, L.L.C., where she aims to inspire young people in America and beyond to pursue their most ambitious goals and dreams. Aminata earned a master’s degree in public policy with a concentration on international development at American University, a bachelor’s degree in international relations with an English minor at the University of Pennsylvania, and an associate degree in international studies at Community College of Philadelphia. She has received numerous awards and honors, including a Philadelphia mayoral citation for her work with ACLP.

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Abdoul Wane


Abdoul Wane is the Co-founder of African Community Learning (ACLP) and served as the organization’s vice president from summer 2017 to spring 2021, advising and supporting the president in many areas. A longtime resident of Philadelphia, Abdoul was one of the first Africans in the city and has extensive knowledge and experience of African immigrant affairs. He has been a community advocate on issues impacting African immigrants in Philadelphia.

Abdoul has been recognized for his many contributions to ACLP and was honored with a Philadelphia mayoral citation.

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