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Becoming a member of the ACLP team allows you to join a community of like-minded, hardworking, and resourceful individuals. You’re joining a team that works toward a common goal of promoting excellence amongst students who’ve been dealt the short end of the stick. 

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Why get involved?

Our volunteers are at the heart of the program's success.

Thriving undergrads, graduate students, and alumni alike forge connections with our students in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties. ACLP provides a platform for volunteers to not only teach but learn and discuss different aspects of the African diaspora as well as college. ACLP also allows for volunteers to participate in new and exciting activities amidst their busy and routinized college week. Our volunteers leave ACLP with leadership, mentoring, communication skills, and more! The opportunity to engage in up-close and meaningful experiences by supporting an under-resourced population at ACLP, as well as peer-to-peer mentorship, is like no other.  If helping traditionally marginalized students realize their full potential and joining a community of like-minded individuals interest you, volunteering with ACLP might be the perfect way for you to do so!


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Join the Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team, consisting of college students from different continents and backgrounds, supports students in interacting with people across cultures and thriving in a globalized world. ACLP provides a space where our leaders can grow and acquire a range of skills relevant to their various careers of interests; in addition, members can engage in community service work attractive to many employers, colleges, as well as scholarship and fellowship programs. ACLP leaders are able to develop skills in team building, communication, flexibility, creativity, effective feedback, and more. 

Here at ACLP, we value innovation and creative thinking. No one mind defines ACLP. Rather we are successful, because collaboration is the foundation of our leadership model. It’s important that we work to help the communities that have given us so much, especially when they’re in need. Local high schools are under-resourced which hurts their students most of all; As college students it's important we push for justice and amplify the voices of those students through lobbying for policy change and giving back to their schools; that is exactly what ACLP pushes to do. ACLP is a wonderful chance to use your strength to help others, learn more about, and find a powerful community to support you.

Leadership Team
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