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African Community Learning Program Launches #500EmpoweringAfricanStories Project to Create a Libra

Ibra holds two books read during African Community Learning Program's fall 2017 semester

African Community Learning Program is launching its #500EmpoweringAfricanStories Project on Monday, May 14, 2018. The project has three components: intern, donate, recommend. The goal of our #500EmpoweringAfricanStories Project is to create a library for our organization with stories that align with our mission to empower people of African background through education. The #500EmpoweringAfricanStories Project will continue until May 2019.

For the “intern” component, I will be overseeing the summer 2018 project with the support of two volunteers: Hazim Hardeman and Abdoulaye Sy. We welcome new volunteers to join our work. We will research and assess materials based on African Community Learning Program’s mission. We will then summarize some materials in English or French highlighting our interest in them, their empowering aspect, and what our students could learn from them. These write-ups will be published on

The public can donate books and magazines to our organization using our list of suggested titles. This list can be found on Using the #500EmpoweringAfricanStories, we also encourage people to recommend stories on twitter @Aminata2016, or they can tag @AfricaCommunityLearningProgram on Facebook. We welcome a range of suggestions -- from children’s books, memoirs, and biographies to films, videos, documentaries, and poetry. Don't forget to like, comment, and share our stories on social media.

Aminata Sy is the founder and president of African Community Learning Program, a multimedia journalist, and a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studies international relations and English. She is also the founder, editor, and publisher of the #500EmpoweringAfricanStories Project.

African Community Learning empowers people of African background in West Philadelphia through education.

To support African Community Learning Program visit:

Email Aminata Sy at

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